Demonstration Centre – Bradford Disability Services

Disability Equipment Bradford have the perfect place for our customers to come and test our products before you commit to purchasing. Our demonstration centre has real-life settings to give you a genuine feel as to how a product may look and fit into your home environment.

All of the rooms resemble areas within an average household; a kitchen; living room; bathroom; bedroom with a fully operational through floor lift and a full length staircase with stairlift.


If you have difficulties using cutlery or food preparation utensils, we have a variety of alternatives on display. We have adjustable height kitchen units; adjustable height sink; low-level cooker and fully accessible fridge.

If you enjoy being in the kitchen, equipment includes chopping boards with spikes; easy-grip pans; ergonomic utensils to help you be as involved as possible in your own food preparation.


Equipment to help with personal care can be tried from raised toilet seats to a wash and dry toilet. We have a wetroom and rise and fall bath. Emergency items such as commodes, bath boards, waterproof covers for broken limbs, waterproof sheets and urinals are all available to purchase.

If you are considering converting your bath to a walk in shower, ask for our information sheet which includes details of local fitters.

Living Room

Rise recline chairs and high seat chairs can all benefit those who have a disability or who just struggle to get up from their sofa.

Bed levers can assist with sitting up in bed and how about an alarm clock that vibrates under your pillow.

A through floor lift is also available to test for those who want to look at their options.

Over bed and over chair tables come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are mobile and some can be fixed. Come and have a look around to make sure what you actually need before spending on equipment that may not fit or that you can not use.

Our demonstration centre is free for anyone to come and try items on display. If you are not sure what you are looking for, a good time to come and visit us is during our open days. If you would like to try specific or unusual items, let us know so that we can order in whatever you need to see. There will be no cost to you unless you choose to buy.

If you have limited time and know what you would like to see, simply call us

The Equipment Demonstration Centre is open for general viewings Monday- Friday 9:30 – 3:15.

Appointments will be arranged during opening hours but can be arranged at other times to meet your needs. We do not have the capacity to carry out home visits but we may be able to arrange home delivery for our products for those who are housebound.